Andrea Parson's Pottery Class @ MCHS Magoffin County Schools Superintendent Scott Helton reads to North Magoffin Elementary kindergarten students during Read Across America Week. South Magoffin Elementary South Magoffin Elementary Students at North Magoffin Elementary recognized World Diabetes Awareness Day on November 14th by releasing blue balloons to honor all students battling diabetes. Water Drop Lens Lesson at Herald Whitaker Middle School Mrs. Dakota Green's Science Class.  Herald Whitaker Middle School HWMS Cheer Leaders Grand Champions at Hallo Fest, 2016 South Magoffin Elementary students visit the Pumpkin Patch Magoffin County High School HWMS Dance Team--1st Place in Pom, 2nd Place in Hip Hop at Hallofest 2016 North Magoffin Elementary--Visiting the Pumpkin Patch Salyersville Grade School NME Students participate in National Day of Prayer North Magoffin Elementary MCCTC 2016 HWMS Football Team Salyersville Grade School CYC Officers 2016 HWMS Girls Basketball Team Staff of South Magoffin Elementary Magoffin County High School Magoffin County Career & Technical Center 2016 HWMS Dance Team Magoffin County High School Magoffin County Speech Teachers Magoffin County Career & Technical Center North Magoffin Elementary Teachers Superintendent Scott Helton and HWMS Assistant Principal Garland Yates.

Student Resources

A student's school career is one of the most important journeys a person takes in their life.  It sets you in a direction that follows you throughout, and, depending on your choices, gives you opportunities that you otherwise would not have. 

Depending on which school you attend, elementary, middle, or high, your choices will change and become more important.  During your elementary years, you learn the basic skills of life; reading, writing, working with numbers, organization, responsibility, and working with people other than your family. 

Middle school not only teaches you the social skills you need, but it sets you on your path for the rest of your life.  Middle school gives you the responsibility of keeping up with different aspects of your school day, as well as dealing with many different people, such as teachers, staff, and students from other areas of your community.

High school is where your life path is determined.  You have a responsibility to keep up with the goals and requirements of graduating with a diploma.  This goal will determine if you go onto a path of college or vocational school, or go directly into the workforce.

Many resources are available to today's student.  The internet and world wide web offer opportunities that former students did not have.  This page will try to accumulate the most effective and, hopefully, the most valuable resources for today's student.  If you need help with a particular issue, email your concerns.  If you know of a particular resource that will be important to someone else, email information about that resource and it will be added to this page.





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