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Welding Technology
The vision ofWelding Technologyis to promote safety standards,performance standards, enhance leadership,
provide relevant curriculum, and to be vital to the education of all students.
Welding Technology will:
  • Operate as the venue for nationally recognized industry standard training.
  • Provide a critical link in school to employment or postsecondary education.
  • Develop stronger relationships with the community in terms of mutual advocacy, cooperative
  • field experiences, employment placement & support for relevant student organizations
  • Represent an important component in the education of all students.
  • Require and promote critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Offer an up to date curriculum based on standards that adapts to changes in the industry.
  • Integrate academic skills into the Computerized Manufacturing and Machining Technology
  • Curriculum in order to insure that students develop written & verbal communications skills,
  • computational skills, and scientific/math problem-solving skills.
Career Pathways:
  • Welder-Entry Level
  • Pipe Welder
  • Arc Welder
  • Gas Metal Arc Welder
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welder
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Standard Based Curriculum
The Welding Technology Curriculum is composed of standards based competencies.
All Welding Technology programs incorporate industry and common core standards thus increasing the
student’s qualifications toward successful employment.  Alignment of the Welding Technology
curriculum with nationally recognized industry standards and the common core standards provides optimal preparation for students to acquire an industry certification.  Communities understand that this preparation provides better career opportunities
for students andthe demands of today’s workforce for the 21st century.
Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards
The Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards are the performance specifications that identify the knowledge,
skills, and abilities an individual needs to succeed in the workplace. Identifying the necessary skills is critical
to preparing students for entry into employment or post-secondary education. These standards describe
thenecessary occupational, academic, and employability skills needed to enter the workforce or post-secondary
education in specific career areas. There is an ongoing effort to continue to refine these standards by which
exemplary Career and Technical Education Programsare evaluated and certified. This helps e
nsure thatcurriculum meets industry specifications.
Work Based Learning
Cooperative experience, internships, shadowing and mentoring opportunities provide depth and breadth
of learning in the instructional program and allow students to apply the concepts learned in the classroom. The
Work Base Learning Guide is available on the KDE webpage:
Student Organizations and Competitions
Participation in Skills USA Competition provides a vehicle for students to employ higher order thinking skills,
to interact with high-level industry people and to further enhance leadership skills
through their participation in regional, state and national competitive events and local activities.
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