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Principles of Agricultural Science and Technology

Course Description: This course provides instruction in the foundations of the various segments of the agricultural industry. Agricultural career opportunities will be emphasized.
Animal science, plant and land science, and agricultural mechanics skills will be the focus of the curriculum. The selection and planning of a supervised agricultural experience program and related record keeping will be presented. Leadership development will be provided through FFA. Students will receive personal guidance and counseling with preparatory instructional program selection.
Students will:
  • demonstrate employability and social skills relative to the career cluster.
  • developa supervised agricultural experience programs including use ofrecord keeping.
  • explore basic agricultural skills needed including: math, communication,and employability skills.
  • identify and examine general soil and plant sciences.
  • identify and examine general animal sciences.
  • demonstrate basic agricultural mechanics and construction skills.
  • investigate basic environmental, food and fiber interrelationships.
  • maintainrecords on supervised agricultural experience program and be ableto summarize and analyze results in making financial decisions.
  • participate in FFA leadership activities which are integrated into the course.



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