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Health Sciences

Health Science
Overview of Health Science Program
The Health Science Program provides the secondary student with orientation, exploration, and preparation into the health care industry. Courses are sequenced to provide continuous student
progress toward achievement ofa career major goal in either an Allied Health or Pre-Nursing major.
The integration of literacy, numeracy, science, employability and technical knowledge is a vitalcomponent of each course offering.
This program assists the student in developing essential cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills and the flexibility to design an individual course of study focused on specific learning goals. The
program is designed for students who desire entry-level training and/or plan to enroll in a post secondary program in one of many occupational areas in the health field. After obtaining a satisfactory performance level in the health care core competencies, the student may obtain work experience in a health-related facility.
Professional and Student Organization
The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) organization is an integral part of the Health Science program. Students who are enrolled in or who have completed a course from the Health
Science curriculum are eligible to become members. Leadership training, community service and the opportunity to apply technical and academic competencies are available to all members. Local
chapters affiliate with the state and national organization and students may be eligible to attend state and/or national conventions or conferences. More information about HOSA and its’ resources is available at
Teachers in the Health Science Education program are expected to participate in the appropriate professional organization to keep skills and knowledge current. Membership in the Kentucky
Association of Career and Technical Education (KACTE) organization provides many benefits and a link to other professional educators in CTE. Membership and benefit information can be found at
Work-Based Learning
Work-based learning within the Health Science program may inc
lude shadowing, clinical experience, career major practicum, and/or cooperative education. These experiences should be connected to the student’s career major in either an Allied Health or Pre-Nursing area. Cooperative Education consistsof in-school instruction combined with on-the-job work experience. Specific guidelines are outlined in 705 KAR 4:041. Information on other types of work-based learning is described in detail in the
document Work-Based Learning Guide 2000, which is available on the KDE web page at :
Specific guidelines for work-based learning relating to the Health Science program include:
  • A health science teacher who is licensed in Kentucky as a Registered
  • Nurse must provide clinical supervision for Medicaid Nurse Aide training.
  • All Health Science students must be covered by a professional liability insurance plan as required by the affiliating agency;
  • All Health Science students must have completed or are currently enrolled in the Principles of Health Science, Emergency Procedures, and Health Care Core Skills or Medicaid Nurse Aide courses prior to a cooperative experience;
  • The school shall use the approved standard agreement with each cooperating agency specifying responsibilities and authority of each party to the agreement;
  • A “Statement of Understanding” defining student responsibilities shall be signed by student and parent or guardian prior to assignment in a clinical area, practicum, or cooperative experience. 

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