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The privilege of riding a Magoffin County school bus is conditional upon the good behavior of the student. Any student who violates the established bus rules or expectations will be reported to school administration.  Persistent inappropriate behavior could lead to a permanent revocation of bus riding privileges. 



  1. Students need to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is to arrive

  2. Stay at least 6 feet back from the roadway; never cross the road before the bus arrives. 
  3. Make sure the stop sign is out; only then cross after the bus driver motions you to do so. 
  4. After the bus driver motions, look in both directions before crossing the road.  Always cross ten feet in front of the bus. 
  5. Be on your best behavior and follow the Bus Driver's instructions at all times. 
  6. Go directly to a seat and stay until the bus reaches its destination (NO ROTATING)
  7. Help keep your bus clean. 
  8. Bad language will not be tolerated
  9. Always share your seat. 
  10. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.  NO FIGHTING. 
  11. Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times. 
  12. no use of tobacco products of any kind are allowed on school buses. 
  13. NO EATING OR DRINKING ON THE BUS. This includes suckers, etc. 
  14. No large items of any kind can be brought on the bus. (All items are to be held in your lap that are allowed.  NO GLASS ITEMS, NO BALLOONS). 
  15. No animals, insects, birds, (dead or alive) are to be brought on the bus. 
  16. When waiting to get off the bus, stay seated until the bus has completely stopped. 
  17. ANY ONE breaking these rules will be reported to the Principal for discipline. 


  1. Only board the bus you are assigned to ride. 
  2. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop. 
  3. Wait for the driver's hand signal before crossing the street. 
  4. Check traffic from all directions, and then check again before boarding the bus. 
  5. Make sure the driver can always see you. 
  6. Never bend down or put any part of your body under the bus. If you drop something, leave it and go tell the driver. 
  7. Never walk to school without parent permission. 



Carry-on items are limited to what can be held in the student's lap.  this includes band instruments, school projects and athletic equipment. 


  1. Weapons
  2. Illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  3. Food or Drinks



Magoffin County Schools – Bus Garage
2019 – 2020 School Year
Bus Driver and Bus Number Changes:
Effective Date: 8/14/2019

Bus # 146 – Driven last year by Ellis Ingram will now be driven by Megan Horton

(Formerly run # 211) – Driven last year by Jamie Davis is now bus # 205 and now will be driven by Jack Stacy

(Formerly run # 811) – Driven last year by Kim Howard, is now bus # 934

(Formerly run # 832) – Driven last year by Wes Cain, is now bus # 2020

(Formerly run # 217) – Driven last year by Mike Bolen, is now bus # 2025

(Formerly run # 202) – Driven last year by Brenda Prater, is now bus # 2030

(Formerly run # 218) – Driven last year by Michelle Hiner, is now bus # 811

(Formerly run # 203) – Driven last year by Teresa Blankenship, is now bus # 832
Route Changes

(Run #830 will now be divided - # 830 will be going to Mine Fork Ridge & Mud Lick (Flat Fork Side) and Bus # 213 will be going to Scaffold, Mud Lick (Coon Creek side), Jellico and Lacy)



There will be a total of four bus evacuation drills held at each school within the school year. All students are expected to follow the driver's instructions and fully comply



Magoffin County Schools
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