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Federal Programs

Kelli Isaac

606-349-6117 EXT 2104

Federal programs provide funding and resources to states, and many of these programs are designed to help at-risk children. Federal programs on this page include Title I and other Title programs, school/community nutrition and others.

Title Programs

Federal program funding includes a wide range of direct assistance programs to local schools and districts which provide funding for programs that boost student achievement, and provide additional resources to engender a supportive environment for students.

Links to the Title Programs can be found on our Links section of this page.


Title I Meetings for Parent and Family Engagement

Title I

HWMS will be holding a Title I meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. in the HWMS Conference Room to develop and evaluate the 2018-2019 Parent and Family Engagement Policy.  We would like to encourage all parents and family members to attend.

Title Coordinators

Title I
Title II
Title III
Randell Blanton
Director of Special Education
Section 504, Title III, SBDM Coordinator
25 School Drive
PO Box 109
Salyersville, KY  41465
Title IV
Title V
Title VI
Title IX
Terry Watson
Director of Pupil Personnel
Title IX Coordinator
25 School Drive
PO Box 109
Salyersville, KY  41465
Title IX-Magoffin County High School
Neil West
Athletic Director
Title IX Coordinator-MCHS
1100 East Mountain Parkway
Salyersville, KY  41465




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25 School Drive
Salyersville, KY 41465
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