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Mission Statement

Magoffin County School District

Magoffin County School District

Our Mission
The Mission of the Magoffin County School District is to challenge and engage all students by providing pathways to become college and /or career ready through effective teaching and personalized learning in a safe, supportive environment.



Our Vision
All learners believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel,
and to own their future.



Our Core Values
Building quality lives and strong communities through...

  • Individuality
    • Children are valued individually and require personalized approaches to learning
  • Caring
    • Staff will model empathy and compassion with all students
  • Creativity
    • Students will receive the opportunity to explore their creativeness within educational programs
  • Collaboration
    • We believe that schools belong to the community and that we must work to build solid bonds
  • Stewardships
    • All staff guide and model students through appropriate behavior through use of resources
  • Equity
    • Provide all students the necessary means to meet their individual needs enabling them to achieve success by removing barriers