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Magoffin County Schools Transportation Department

Magoffin County Schools Transportation Department
Magoffin County Schools - Transportation Department
Jeff Carpenter, Director - - - Jennifer Wireman, Secretary
Telephone (606)349-8201
Magoffin County Schools - Bus Routes
2011 - 2012 School Year
*** Preliminary Listing - Subject to Change ***
Date: August 8, 2011
"Have a Safe and Happy School Year - Practice School Bus Safety Everyday"
1. 102 Bus Rt./Location
  Bailey, Joe On Rt. 7 - Long Creek, 
  Start @ Buck Cr., Whitley, Bull Mare
  South Magoffin Rt. 404 (Howard's Branch) 
  Only & Sulphur Springs.
2. 103 Bus Rt./Location
  Minix, Oakley - Rt. Fork, Carver,
  Robinette Tip Top, Danny Porter Rd,
  Start @  Calla Howard Rd., 
  SME Only Eve: Also to Bee Tree
3. 104 Bus Rt./Location
  Salyer, Judy Off Rt. 7 - Salt Lick
  Start @ HWMS, Rt. 7 from Salt Lick to SME
  to MCHS & SME  
4. 105 Bus Rt./Location
  Hansen, Jim Off Rt. 40 - Litteral, 
  Start SGS 3rd Run On Rt. 40 from the 
  to HWMS, Mouth of White Lick
  MCHS, NME to Mash Fork
5. 106 Bus Rt./Location
  Shepherd, Angela Oakley - Lakeville Rd.
  Start @ HWMS,  
6. 201 Bus Rt./Location
  Blankenship, Teresa Mash Fork, Burton, F-Child,
  Start SGS 2nd Run Rt. 460 to Johnson Co. Line
  to HWMS, MCHS  
7. 220 Bus Rt./Location
  Minix, Deanna Gun Creek
  Start @ HWMS,  
8. 218 Bus Rt./Location
  Watkins, Jeff Grape Creek, White Oak,
  Start @ HWMS, Lykins Sub-Div., 460 to NME
9. 211 Bus Rt./Location
  Miller, Marvin Stamper Br. - Lefthand Fk.,
  Start @ Long Branch - Johnson, 
  NME Only Cow Creek, Laurel Br.,
    Watson Br., Cripple Ck.,
    Long Branch - Rt. 460
    Paddle Fork
10. 206 Bus Rt./Location
  Hiner, Michelle White Oak, Coffee Br., 
  Start @ HWMS, Rt. 1081
  MCHS to NME  
11. 207 Bus Rt./Location
  Helton, Lonja Helton Br., Bloomington Br.,
  Start @ Lick Ck., Whitt Br., 
  NME Only Bloomington Sub-Div., 
  Bear Branch
12. 209 Bus Rt./Location
  Gipson, Mike Will May Br., Pleasant Hill,
  Start @ SGS, HWMS, May Br., Holderby Hollow,
  MCHS, NME Broadway St., Allen Dr.
13. 210 Bus Rt./Location
  Brickey, Carter On Middle Fork:
  Start @ Puncheon, Scott's Br., 
  NME Only and Lick Branch
14. 711 Bus Rt./Location
  Shepherd, Annis Up the River: Straight Fk.,
  Start @ Spruce Pine, Bull, 
  SME Only  
15. 212 Bus Rt./Location
  Salyer, Ricky On Middle Fork: 
  Start @ Harkin's Fork, 
  NME Only Bear Br., Arnett Br., 
  Carty Br., 
16. 213  
  Howard, Wanda Bus Rt./Location
  Start @ Tick Lick, Marshall Rd., 
  NME Only Crace Hollow
17. 214 Bus Rt./Location
  Howard,   On Elk Creek: Brushy,
  Larry D, Gullett Road, 
  Start @ HWMS, Combs Branch
  MCHS to NME Superior Road
18. 215 Bus Rt./Location
  Carty, Royal On Lakeville: Patton Br.,
  Start @ NME, to  Bear Branch Hill, 
  SGS, HWMS, MCHS Tin Can, Flynt Branch
19. 216 Bus Rt./Location
  Hale, Janice Rt. 542 Trace, Rt. 1502,
  Start @ HWMS, Jake Wireman Fork
  MCHS, to SME  
20. 217 Bus Rt./Location
  Russell, Patricia Coon Creek, Flat Fork, 
  Start @ SGS to Rt. 40 from the Mouth of
  MCHS to NME Mine Fork to White Lick
21. 911 Bus Rt./Location
  Bolen, Denenne Buffalo, Gambill Br., 
  Start: SGS, HWMS, Head of Brushy, 
  MCHS, NME From Brushy down 
  Elk Creek to NME
22. 219 Bus Rt./Location
  Williams, Debbie  Johnson Fork
  Start @ HWMS to  
  to MCHS, NME  
23. 811 Bus Rt./Location
  Howard, Kimberly Pricey, Ben Branch, 
  Start @  On Lick Creek from Pricey
  NME Only Mouth of Buffalo
24. 221 Bus Rt./Location
  Montgomery, Rt. 460 - Head of 
  Linda Rockhouse, Old R-House,
  Start @ SGS, Limestone and 
  HWMS, MCHS Calvin Cain Trailer Park
25. 222 Bus Rt./Location
  Howard, Clayton Rt. 542 Trace to 
  Start @ HWMS, Magoffin/Breathitt Line
  MCHS to SME On Rt. 7 - pick up from
    Trace to Salt Lick
26. 223 Bus Rt./Location
  Back, Justin On Rt. 30: Craft Creek,
  Start: HWMS, Board Tree & Stable Branch
  MCHS, to NME  
27. 224 Bus Rt./Location
  Bauer, Bart On Rt. 30: Rt. 378 to 
  Start: SGS, HWMS, Town Flats, Back Branch
28. 225 Bus Rt./Location
  Montgomery, Kathy Gun Creek side of Burning
  Start: SGS, HWMS, Fork, On Burning Fork: 
  MCHS Dotson Branch and
  Birch Branch
29. 226 Bus Rt./Location
  Shepherd, Jodi Royalton Area
  Start @ Meadows, 1st & 2nd St., 
  SME Only Post Office Road,
    Sand Bottom, Wireman Rd.
30. 828 Bus Rt./Location
  Lyon, Jeanette Rockhouse Road
  Start: Old M.H. Hammond Fork, Phipps Fk.,
  Meet Bus 937 Improvement Strip Job,
    Lee Howard Road
31. 830 Bus Rt./Location
  Jenkins, Mark Jellico, Lacy and
  Start @ HWMS, Brown's Fork
  to MCHS  
32. 831 Bus Rt./Location
  Shepherd, Nola  Up the River:
  Start: HWMS, Brushy Fork to the
  MCHS to  Magoffin/Floyd Line
  SME On Main Rt. 7 down
  to Rt. 542 (Trace)
33. 832 Bus Rt./Location
  Cain, Wesley Burning Fork Area
  Start: SGS to  Jim Arnett Branch
  HWMS, MCHS Patton Branch
34. *** Bus 833 - Handicap Run - Go where needed ***
  Prater, Brenda  
  Start: SGS, HWMS,  
35. 934 Bus Rt./Location
  Russell, Sharon Scaffold Branch, Mud Lick,
  Start @ NME Caudill Branch
36. 935 Bus Rt./Location
  Watson, Sherry Rt. 7 - Puncheon
  Start @  
  SME Only  
37. 936 Bus Rt./Location
  Blankenship,  Burning Fork: Adams
  William Subdivision, Old Burning
  Start: SGS to Fork Road, Rt. 114 to
  HWMS, MCHS Magoffin/Floyd Line
38. 937 Bus Rt./Location
  Helton, Darrell Rockhouse, Improvement,
  Start @ HWMS, Coon Creek to Rt. 460,
  MCHS to NME Rockhouse, Improvement,
    On Rt. 460 pick up from
    Old M.H. School to the
    Mouth of Johnson Fork 
39. 938 Bus Rt./Location
  Back, Manuel On Rt. 30: Rt. 378,
  Start: SGS, HWMS, Rt. 3337 & Mill Branch
40. 964 Bus Rt./Location
  Whitaker, Rodney Town: Coal Branch,
  Start: SGS, HWMS, Dixie and Allen Drive
  to MCHS  
41. 981 Bus Rt./Location
  Jenkins, Jason Painter's Lick, Burton, 
  Start @ Van Borders Road, 
  NME Only HorsePen, 
42. 982 Bus Rt./Location
  Perkins, Becky Rt. 114 toward P-Burg:
  Start: SGS to Big Lick, Dry Bread,
  HWMS, MCHS Kelly Branch, 
    Road behind the 
    Pete Shepherd Bldg.
43. 984 Bus Rt./Location
  Fletcher, Esther Off Rt. 7 - Half Mountain
  Start @ HWMS, Rt. 7 from Oakley to town
  MCHS to SME  

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