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Test Scores Released

Test Scores Released

While MCHS was ranked 212 last year, this year’s test scores ranks MCHS at 96 of 230 high schools in Kentucky. Last year the high school did not meet the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) and this year they met all targeted goals in reading and math. According to the Interim Performance Report (IPR), MCHS increased the percent of proficient and distinguished in every content area.

Magoffin County High School Principal Tony Skaggs said he gives the credit to the teachers and students.

“The teachers jumped on board, giving up their planning periods, coming in early and staying late and the students realized how important it is for the school and community and really buckled down,” Skaggs said.

Skaggs attributes the junior mentoring program, where he met with all the juniors individually and let them pick any teacher as a mentor, to the success of the school. Also responsible for the jump are the sessions with students on test-taking skills and the software “Study Island” that tracks progress and provides interventions for individual students’ needs.

According to the IPR, the high school increased the percentage of proficient and distinguished scores from 2010 to 2011 in writing by 2 percent, reading by 15 percent, social studies by 25 percent, math by 32 percent and science by 37 percent.

Herald Whitaker Middle School was the only school in the district that did not meet AYP, not improving enough to hit the targeted goals of No Child Left Behind, with reading the only setback.

HWMS Principal Johnnie Johnson said, “At HWMS we have already anticipated and prepared for the fact that our scores have fallen to some extent.”

Looking ahead, Johnson said they have already implemented strategies for this upcoming school year to assure that they will show the growth and success that they have had for a number of years.

Instead of simply offering a reading class that encompasses reading and writing, Johnson said they are breaking the class into a reading class and a writing class. They have already implemented an entrance exam for all incoming seventh and eighth graders to identify needs of the students earlier than in the past.

The middle school also plans to maintain gender grouping, as well as continue to implement new technologies, such as Smartboards, “Study Island” and math and science labs, according to Johnson.

Even though HWMS did not meet AYP, 61.13 percent of the students scored distinguished in reading and math, 53 percent in science and 35 percent in writing.

 All Magoffin elementary schools met all targeted goals in reading and math, showing considerable progress in all areas, especially math and science.

Salyersville Grade School edges the closest to the 100 percent goal of No Child Left Behind, with 85.31 percent of students scoring proficient or distinguished in reading, 86.36 percent in math and 93 percent in science.

Salyersville Grade School Vice-Principal Gary Helton said, “We feel that we can attribute our strengths to providing a school-wide climate that is conducive to learning, providing students with the latest technological advances, a dedicated staff, and by taking the standpoint that education is a community-oriented process which includes, not only educators, but also parents, community leaders, support staff, as well as others.”

Helton said the weakest areas are writing and social studies, but changes to schedules, better technology and staff Professional Developments are all ways they are combating the issues.

North Magoffin Elementary showed a lot of growth in writing and social studies and are on target to reach their next goal, Principal Jill Howard said.

North Magoffin had 81.95 percent of the students score proficient or distinguished in reading, 74.4 percent in math and 68.61 percent in social studies.

Howard said, “Strengths include a sound instructional program that focuses on improved reading and math in all grades.  We have a reading and math teacher assigned to each grade level to help reduce the student teacher ratio for more individualized instruction.” 

South Magoffin Elementary also made gains in most content areas, Principal Mark Rice said. 76.16 percent of the students scored proficient or distinguished in reading, 79.47 percent in math and 83.33 percent in science.

Rice said, “After implementing various mathematical programs, students at South Magoffin made ample advancements in math. Although overall reading gains were made, we still have room for improvement in this area.  This year students and staff are focusing on more individualized reading needs and skills, while embedding numerous fundamental strategies. Moreover, we hope to see significant improvement in reading scores by implementing these strategies for next year’s assessment.”

Superintendent Joe Hunley said, “While we’re not satisfied we did not meet AYP as a district and we would have loved to have met AYP, we know what we need to focus on and we’re happy with the progress.”

Hunley said he attributes a great deal of the progress to the teacher involvement, the new technology available to engage the students and the software used in the schools to evaluate student progress and provide interventions.

The interim cycle for testing ended with the 2011 school year, so this upcoming assessment will be quite different from the past. Among changes known currently, the following is set to be different in the 2012 testing: question types, testing online instead of on paper and the end-of-the-year testing affecting students’ grades (counting for 20 percent of the final grade in high school Algebra II, English II, US History and Biology II). The goal is for all students to be college and career ready when leaving the district.

 According to Hunley, the district is preparing for the new program reviews in writing, arts and humanities and practical living, as well as getting students ready for the ACT, Plan and Explore test.

For the detailed data, go to the Kentucky Department of Education’s Testing Reports archive Web site, and choose “Magoffin” as the district.

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