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Schedule Down to the wire | BOE discusses construction timelines

Schedule Down to the wire | BOE discusses construction timelines
The architect updated the Board on the progress with the schools, explaining the demolition of the Head Start building is ready to commence, with a contract already drawn up with Sydney Construction. The demolition needs to be done as soon as possible to give time to set up a playground for Salyersville Grade School students in that location.

The Board agreed to surplus the building and approved the contract with Sydney.
The insurance company has approved for the temporary lighting for the football field, which will serve the team for the duration of the upcoming season. The order has been made and they are set to come in the first week of July. They have approved the bleachers, goal posts, and mobile unit for the shower facilities/locker room, while waiting on authorization for the press box. The mobile unit should be in around the second week of July, very close to the beginning of practice, but they should still be on schedule. 
The field will be scanned over before practice begins to make sure no debris left from the March 2 tornado poses any dangers for players.
As for the Magoffin County High School repairs, the crews are approximately 65 percent complete with the project. The walls are being re-enforced with steel beams and there have been some roof repairs. The architect said he feels good about the schedule, but additional work has been discovered. The insurance company and engineers have received the information about the additional scope of the project  with a submitted proposal, which was approved immediately before the Thursday evening meeting.
The goal is to have the internal construction completed a week before school starts to give time for cleanup and reassembly of the classrooms, while outside construction on the high school will probably continue after classes resume.
The main concern of not finishing the project on time is the lack of options for moving students during construction. During the recent renovation of the building, they had the space to shift students away from the construction, but with absorbing the middle school, all space is already maximized.
The Salyersville Grade School is still in limbo, with the architect, engineers and insurance companies working to agree on the cost of the project. They currently agree on the scope, but not on the cost, but with allowances made on all sides, they are close to pinpointing the cost.
The Herald Whitaker Middle School's status is in a similar situation, with all parties making concessions but no exact figures set in stone. It will be at least two years before they will have a building, Superintendent Joe Hunley said, regardless of whether they choose to repair the current building or construct a new one.
Looking at the attendance for the school system, David Gibson, director of student services, said the number only dropped 12 from the 2010-2011 school year. With the average daily attendance for the 2011-2012 school year at 1,938, down from 1,950 the year before, the Kentucky Department of Education has offered the Board to use either ADA when applying for funding. 
With the tornado, Gibson said he expected the number to be much worse. "For what we've been through, this is a tremendous number," Gibson said.
The Board discussed the bus driver policies with several bus drivers in attendance concerning trips, but decided to table the issue to make sure all suggested changes to the policy are legal and fitting of the area.
They accepted Scott Helton's resignation as treasurer and unanimously appointed Michelle Howard to the position.
Board member Carl Howard commended Hunley, "It has been a pleasure working with you and you and I have became closer friends. You'll always be my friend."
Hunley, who's retirement is official at the end of this month, simply replied, "And you all will always be mine."

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